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Shipping Fulfillment from China to France

Experienced warehouse management, advanced order fulfillment technology, customized and flexible logistics solution, transparent and low cost, make ChinaDivision your e-Commerce partner in China.

ChinaDivision offers competitive service by cooperating with different courier companies and utilizing their advantages. We are your shipping fulfillment partner to make your shipping from China to France much easier and affordable. Let us manage your inventory, and you just focus on selling.

How It Works?

Receive & Store your inventory

Upload your orders

Pick & Pack

Deliver to your customers

How It Helps?

One-to-one dedicated customer service

Free warehousing up to three months

API service available -order data can be handled automatically

Barcode and SKU technology available -human errors can be reduced

Transparent and low shipping cost from China to France

Part of Prohibited and Restricted Items You Need to Know

Weapons, replica weapons (e.g. replica toy guns), ammunition, toxic chemicals, hazardous chemicals, explosives (fireworks, gas lighters, gasoline, alcohol, sulfuric acid, paint, etc.), firearms, dangerous goods, white crystals, powder, fluid, lotion, gel, cream, paste, goods containing liquid, e-cigarettes, etc.

Cash, checks, money orders, securities, bearer negotiable instruments, counterfeit currency, debit cards, credit cards, passbooks, lottery tickets etc.

Medical waste, chemical waste, industrial waste, poisons, etc.

Drugs (e.g. opium, morphine, heroin, marijuana, methamphetamine, etc.), prescription drugs, herbal supplements, health or medical products, narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances, etc.

Animals and plants, animal carcasses (e.g. specimens), human body or parts, harmful organisms, biological samples, etc.

Aerosol sprays, asbestos, butane lighters, strong magnetic materials, oxidizing substances, organic peroxides, etc.

Note: Please pay attention to prohibited and restricted items listed in the Customs Law. For detailed information, you can check on French Customs website. You are also welcome to contact us, we will be happy to listen and share our solutions.

Tips: French Customs Duty Policy

French customs judge the commodity value by the standard of CIF, namely cost + insurance + freight (commodity price + Insurance + Freight).

Parcels less than 22 euros: exempt from Duty and VAT.

Parcels between 22 euros and 150 euros: No Duty, but need to pay VAT.

Parcels more than 150 euros: Duty and VAT should be paid.

French VAT (value added tax) rate is 19.6%. Duty depends on specific commodities. Generally speaking, electronic goods are free from duty while clothing and other textiles will be charged a duty between 10% -20%.

Some optional shipping methods from China to France and features

Shipping Method Estimated Delivery Time
(business days)
Line Features
DHL 3-6 Fast and good service
EMS 5-10 Easy for customs clearance, average speed and good service
EUB 10-20 Low price, normal spped, easy for customs clearance
AIR 15-30 Very low price, low speed, easy for customs clearance

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